IBE - Nuova Presidenza

Francesca Sofia Presidentessa IBE

AICE si congratula con la nuova presidentessa IBE augurandole Buon Mandato!

Grazie anche a Lilia Núñez Orozco per il suo impegno.


Si  riporta a seguire l'esito delle votazioni:

RESULTS: Election of President to the International Executive Committee

for the term 2021-2025

In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, votes cast in an IBE election were received, collated and counted. The Election Task Force is now confirming and declaring the results.

Notification of results

As detailed in the Election Procedures:

  1. All chapters of the IBE are being notified of the result of the election to the International Executive Committee of the President.
  2. All candidates will be notified of the result of the election in which they are participating.
  3. The notification to the IBE chapters and election candidates includes the following:

List of candidates and elected candidate:

Candidates: Lilia Núñez Orozco (Mexico), Francesca Sofia (Italy)

Elected: Francesca Sofia (Italy)

Number of eligible voters (in good standing): 81

Africa: 22

Eastern Mediterranean: 5

Europe: 31

Latin America: 11

North America: 4

South East Asia: 5

Western Pacific: 8

Turnout - number and percentage of valid votes:

Africa: 13 voters – 59%

Eastern Mediterranean: 3 voters – 60%

Europe: 26 voters – 84%

Latin America: 11 voters – 100%

North America: 4 voters – 100%

South East Asia: 4 voters – 80%

Western Pacific: 5 voters – 62%

Total votes cast: 69

  • Number of valid votes: 66
  • Number of invalid votes: 3

Votes received by candidates:

·       Francesca Sofia: 42 votes

·       Lilia Núñez Orozco: 24 votes

The Election Task Force would like to thank all those chapters who played an active part in the election process, in nominating candidates and in casting their association’s votes.

The task force would like to note its appreciation, in particular, to those candidates who allowed their names to go forward for election.

The task force sends its congratulations to Francesca Sofia on her election as President-elect and would like to encourage Lilia Núñez Orozco to consider participation in future IBE elections and in other IBE activities.

The elections to fill the positions of Secretary General and Treasurer on the International Executive Committee will now begin, with the call for nominations to be circulated on Friday 11th December 2020. We would like to encourage all eligible chapters to participate in these elections.

The third elections, to fill remaining positions on the Regional Executive Committee will then begin in March 2021.


IBE Election Task Force

Carlos Acevedo, Chair

Susanne Lund

Shunglon Lai

4th December 2020





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